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Our Approach

Group of children doing high five

Did a parent or teacher ever tell you, “If you’re bored, it’s your own fault?” At the Boys & Girls Club, boredom isn’t an option! 


Staff members plan fun-filled afternoons that incorporate everything from painting and playing games to cooking and community service. 


Structured activities are mixed with supervised recreation to ensure members enjoy down time as well as opportunities for learning and enrichment. Our caring counselors encourage even the shyest members to step outside their comfort zone.

Encouraging participation

Two children with a ball

We offer activities in our five core program areas (and more!)

Character & Leadership Development

Education & Career Development

Health & Life Skills

The Arts

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Offering a variety of activities

By actively offering activities from the Five Core Program Areas and incorporating the 5 Key Elements into the programs that are offered youth will see growth towards:

Positive Self-Identity

Knows worth, understands who they are, and what interests them, stands firm in their beliefs

Educational, Employment, Social, Emotional, and Cultural Competencies

Recognizes and understands economy/impact, acceptance of diversity and similarities, interests and differing careers, routine-based learning

Community Involvement

Responsible citizens-civic engagement, democracy, voting (current events), focus on the impact of others (consequences) and advocating the improvement

Health and Well-Being

Committed to change, willing to make positive choices, recognizing and managing coping skills and stress indicators

A Moral Compass

Understands right from wrong, chooses to protect the rights of others, is ethically transparent, and does what is best for the group

Driving positive outcomes

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